9 months update

What Happened During The Last 9 Months?

The Reasons…

It has been 9 months since my last update in this blog. So why the huge gap in between? Well, the main reason is really because there is nothing much I can talk about since my last update. Hahahaha.

First of all, Japan only opened her borders from November last year. So there are not much preparation I could do except for researching for different informations. And if you read my previous posts, which can be found here, here and here, you would realised that many of them were based on assumptions. There are a lot of uncertainties and a lot of decisions and outcome hinge on when Japan open her borders and how my contract negotiation goes.

But since then, A LOT had happened and I am very excited and happy to share with everyone that my wife and I will be flying off to Japan to start our adventure on 30-June-2022!

The Documentation

japan embassy queue ticket
This is the last step of getting your VISA to enter into Japan. Take a queue number and then you wait. The embassy is very efficient. I didn’t wait for very long for my turn.

I will not bored you guys on the details for now but in summary, we have applied for and received the Certificate of Eligibility to stay and work in Japan. Another key documentation we have also applied and received is the single entry VISA.

The mentioned documents are the most important item needed for our move to Japan and also the items that took the longest time. In my next post, I will share in details the process of getting these two documentation done.

Our Income

The second update we have is both me and my wife have gotten our Japan employment sorted out. Things really fall into place for us, especially for my wife, who initially did not had a job ready for her in Japan.

We really thank God that He has divinely arranged a job in a new company which allows her to base in different countries. Her new role also allows her to work from home as default. This opportunity really help to ease the financial pressure that I had initially.

With our employment contract settled, we had a better overview of our budgeting, our living expenses, how much tax we will need to pay and the savings that we can look forward to.

Finding A Place To Stay

With income settled, we also have a clearer picture on how much we can spend for our lodging. Considering we need time to settle down, eventually we decided to stay somewhere near our office (in Tokyo) for half a year.

Our lodging for the first 6 months
Our lodging for the first 6 months in Japan. It’s very central, next to Skytree.

We will then start looking for a long term rental outside Tokyo area somewhere in November and target to move in before Christmas this year.

Our Friends and Family

Nothing much has changed for our friends and family. All our family members and friends have accepted our move to Japan. The situation with my dad still remain the same but he is healthy.

My Colleague
My colleague and friend in Singapore. This was taken few weeks ago during out team BBQ.

During this past few months, we have caught up with many friends, had few family meals together. We took family photos and we can safely say that we have met and ate with whoever we wanted to. We know we are going to Japan without any regret.

What’s Next?

This is just a summary of what had happened since my last post. But if you are interested in knowing the details about the process of our preparation, look out for our future post!

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